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CABFIN Project and Partners

The "Improving Capacity Building in Rural Finance" (CABFIN) project is the result of collaboration efforts among its partners IFAD, FAO, GIZ/BMZ, UNCDF and the World Bank. This project aims to jointly facilitate knowledge dissemination and capacity development for relevant public and private stakeholders working to increase the availability of a wide range of financial services adapted to the needs of rural livelihoods, thus, contributing to rural development and poverty reduction. CABFIN partners also sought to facilitate dialogue among stakeholder to define priorities to be addressed and undertake joint activities to help overcome those obstacles limiting access to agricultural and rural finance. This led to the creation of the Rural Finance Learning Centre (RFLC) website in April 2004. The RFLC is a knowledge platform managed by The Rural Infrastructure and Agro industries (AGS) division in FAO and funded the CABFIN partners.


Through the RFCL, the CABFIN project gathers a user network that disseminates the most relevant resource documents and capacity development material from around the world.  This joint initiative supports the development of new training manuals, policy guides, multimedia and on-line training material in English, Spanish and French.